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Welcome to Slate Path Cottage

Enjoy, relax and share memories at an amazing cottage located in the heart of Bayfield, Wisconsin.  

Life on the south shore coast of Lake Superior has always revolved around the water, and the variety of activities you'll find in, on and around Lake Superior is almost endless. From boat tours and cruises to kayak and boat rentals, there are endless ways to explore the waters.  Bayfield, Wisconsin boasts of being one of the best sailing destinations in the world.  You will see sailboats from all over the U.S and Mexico. For anglers, the deep-sea and pier fishing is some of the best in the country. And the natural environment is the perfect backdrop for  appreciation of nature, taking pictures, bird watching and many other ways to fulfill your dream of naturally preserved and protected land. 

Divers know the deep waters of Lake Superior offer many hours of fun for the shipwrecks that lie on the ocean floor.   Lake Superior is known as "The Graveyard of the Great Lakes" is a collection of the remains of freighters, tankers and the  famous "Edmond Fitzgerald".

Watching over it all are the many active lighthouses known as the Apostle Islands and is a National Lakeshore listed in the National Register of Historic Places,  boasting of six famous Wisconsin lighthouses that remain active and lit for safety of seaworthy folks and passerby's. Here, there are miles of beautiful beaches for strolling,  sunning, picnics and camping.

Even with so much water and history, there's plenty to do and discover on land. For golfers, there is an 18 hole golf course.  Not only beautiful to play on but as  you play you can view the great expanse of Lake Superior and distant view of Michigan on a clear day.  This alone will give you an advantage to challenge players of any skill level. Families will find many things to do as there are miles of trials,  shopping, spa's and eateries.    Most people see that Bayfield has a very unique quality of keeping their little community quaint and a small coastal town.  You will almost think you are back in the 1950's experiencing specialty shops, bakeries, candy shops and homemade wares.  The fruit  and vegetable farms are also the best known to man and sell their harvests in the appropriate seasons. 

Madeline Island is a ferry ride away that has more shopping, an old burnt down cafe that is world famous, nice eateries and gourmet restaurants.

Whatever your heart desires you can enjoy this amazing village and visit and meet new friendly people.

Cindy is the proud owner of Slate Path Cottage

Be my guest!!  I'd love to share my cottage with you!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or rental availability.

cell phone  612.226.8044
toll free       877.388.SHOW (7469)

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